Commence Recordkeeping and Reporting

  • Once your committee is established, you will report your campaign finance activity. Your reports will be submitted to your local election official. You will need to contact your local election official for your reporting schedule.
  • You can use this form to file campaign finance activity: CPF M 102: Municipal Campaign Finance Report   (Editable version)   (Instructions).
  • Candidates and committees must maintain detailed accounts of all contributions received and all expenditures made. These records must be kept separate and distinct from any other accounts or records and must be preserved for 6 years from the relevant election.

Use OCPF Reporter 7 to Create and Print Campaign Finance Reports

Local filers can use R7 (Reporter 7) to create, print, sign and file campaign finance reports. Click here for a short instructional video.

Please click here to register to use R7.

"Local filers" include all town candidates, and all city candidates who don't e-file with OCPF.

Additional Help & Information