Depository Candidates and Committees

The following candidates and committees must designate a depository bank. They are considered Depository Filers and are required to submit a CPF D103: Appointment of Depository Institution to their banks for completion and submission to OCPF. Their banks are required to file on their behalf:

Statewide Office Candidates
Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, State Treasurer, Secretary of State, and State Auditor.
Governor's Councillor Candidates
One of the eight district seats of the Executive Council.
House & Senate
A candidate for the General Court is seeking a seat in the State House or State Senate.
County and District Office Candidates
Clerk of Courts, County Commissioner, County Treasurer, District Attorney, Register of Deeds, Register of Probate, Sheriff, and, in Suffolk Co. only: Superior Court-Civil, Superior Court-Criminal, and Supreme Judicial Clerk of Courts.
Mayoral candidates in all cities in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
City Councilor or Alderman Candidates
in Boston, Brockton, Cambridge, Fall River, Framingham, Haverhill, Lawrence, Lowell, Lynn, Malden, New Bedford, Newton, Quincy, Somerville, Springfield, Waltham and Worcester.
Political Action Committees (PACs)
Committees that raise and spend money to support or oppose one or more statewide, legislative, district & county, mayoral or some city council candidates, based upon stated principles or interests (including people's committees, a form of PAC). These PACs organize and file periodic reports with OCPF.
State Political Party Committees
The state committees of political parties organized under M.G.L. chapter 52, section 1.

The following candidates and committees are considered Non-Depository Filers. They do not need to submit the CPF D103 to their banks or OCPF. Their banks do not have to file on their behalf.

  • MA Independent Expenditure Political Action Committees (IEPACs) .
  • Committees supporting or opposing questions put to voters on the state ballot.
  • The ward, town or city committees of the state political parties.
  • Municipal candidates other than those listed above.

Qualifying Financial Institutions

Section 19 of Chapter 55, the Massachusetts Campaign Finance Law, requires certain candidates to designate a financial institution as a depository for their campaign funds. In order to accept this designation, the financial institution must be:

  • a national bank, federal savings bank, federal savings and loan association or federal credit union; provided, however, that the bank, association or credit union may transact business and has its main office or a branch office in the commonwealth; or
  • a trust company, credit union, co-operative bank or savings bank; provided, however, that the company, credit union or bank is organized and exists under the laws of the commonwealth or any other state or otherwise may transact business in the commonwealth and has its main office or a branch office in the commonwealth.

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Bank Liaison

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Additional Help / Information

OCPF Memorandum M-90-04: Information for banks designated as depositories for campaign funds under M.G.L. c. 55.