A group organized to raise money for the purpose of making independent expenditures is required to organize as an Independent Expenditure Political Action Committee (IEPAC). These committees are sometimes called "superpacs." OCPF has issued regulations (970 CMR 2.17) and an interpretive bulletin (IB-10-03) to provide guidance to these groups.

In addition to filing periodic campaign finance reports, if IEPACs make independent expenditures of more than $250 to support or oppose Massachusetts candidates during the calendar year, the campaign finance law requires them to file reports disclosing the independent expenditure activity in accordance with M.G.L. Chapter 55, Section 18A. In addition to the expenditure information, IEPACs are also required to disclose their contribution information as well as the other campaign finance information required to be disclosed by section 18.

IEPAC reports are displayed on this page in chronological order, newest to oldest. The reports can be filtered by year, by making a selection from the dropdown list provided. Within each year, the reports can be filtered by a date range, the IEPAC making the expenditure, the subject (candidate) of the expenditure, or the position (support or oppose) taken by the filer.

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